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Reed Diffusers

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Reed diffusers come with 6-8 reeds can last about 2-3 months. This will vary based on how many diffuser reeds you choose to use in your diffuser and the fragrance oil being used. A diffuser with lots of reeds will not last as long as a diffuser with fewer reeds so there can be variation in lasting power! Diffusers work well in small spaces with good airflow. The bigger the space the more the fragrance needs to travel. Depending on the fragrance, some are stronger than others, one diffuser with 6 reeds can give you optimum results.

How to set up: Unscrew the gold cap and remove the plastic seal. Then pull the plastic stopper up and save it for later. Screw the gold cap back on and insert 6-8 reeds through the neck of the bottle. Place and enjoy. Keep out of reach for pets and children.  

How to dispose: Depending on your local regulations, we typically recommend taking any unwanted oils such as our fragrance oils or Reed Diffuser Base to your local household hazardous waste collection centers, similar to the locations where used motor oil or cleaning supplies will go. This allows the oils to be disposed of properly without potentially being a hazard. Please recycle ♻️  your glass if you can.